Complete Fire Protection

Atlas Fire Security provides COMPLETE FIRE PROTECTION to all its clients as a single service provider for all fire protection equipment, systems and services.

Almost all services, equipment and systems are designed, sourced, supplied and maintained by the various in-house divisions. Where services cannot be offered directly, subcontractors are used and the work is administered and managed on behalf our clients.

Atlas Fire Security’s management team of nine members offers more than 160 years combined experience in the fire industry. The average term of employment of all personnel exceeds 6.5 years. Employees at all levels offer a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years in the fire industry.

Complete Engineered Solutions

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Atlas Fire Security offers engineered solutions for projects and systems undertaken uses an end-to-end operating model. Fire protection solutions are based on a thorough assessment of all factors that play a part. Systems are then designed to meet the requirements and ensure compliance with all relevant National or International Standards, as applicable. Installation is carried out by trained, skilled and competent personnel. Continued operation is ensured by regular scheduled maintenance and testing of the systems by, again, trained, skilled and competent personnel. Each of the three legs adds value throughout the knowledge and experience of the people involved.

Detailed drawings are prepared for each project with 3D modelling.

The equipment used and services offered are detailed in the following sections