Atlas Fire Security is a specialist provider of fire protection equipment and systems as well as integrated security and enterprise management solutions.

Atlas Fire Security was established in June 1972 and is owned and managed by the same family since inception. The current directors, Hans and Lizl Davel, joined the company in April 1989.

Atlas Fire Security is an independent company and also member of the CENTA Group. The CENTA Group undertakes work on a National and regional level with members executing the work in their region. The CENTA Group has more than 20 members throughout South Africa and also members in other African countries. The CENTA Group is now represented in 20 countries.

Association memberships

Atlas Centa Logo Atlas Centa Logo Fire Prevention Association of South Africa (FPASA).
Fire Fighting Equipment Traders Association (FFETA).

Company Accreditations

Atlas Centa Logo

SANS 1475 permit holder for reconditioning of portable fire equipment, hose reels and hydrants since 1996.
Atlas Centa Logo Department of Labour registered and SANAS accredited inspection body for pressure testing of cylinders since 2004.
Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) registered for installation of electronic security and fire control systems. Atlas Centa Logo

Vision, Mission and Fundamental Obligations

We believe in an interdependent balance in responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers and partners, the society at large as well as the shareholders.

Our first commitment is to the people who use and benefit from our Services and services

• We will endeavour to meet or exceed their expectations through Services and services of the finest quality, safety and reliability.
• We will endeavour to provide prompt and accurate services with attention to consistency and detail.
• We will conduct business with basic honesty, integrity and ethics.
• We will pursue ever higher goals through continual improvement in all we do.
• We will seek advancement through the development of new and innovative ideas, services and Services.

Our second commitment is to the people who work with us, as they are the sources of our strength

• All employees shall have a sense of security in their jobs.
• All employees should experience the joy and dignity that comes from the responsible and diligent application of their individual ability.
• All employees should have the opportunity to receive reward, based on merit, for work performed efficiently and effectively with passion, commitment and enthusiasm.
• All employees should have the opportunity for achievement, personal growth and advancement.

Our third commitment is to the people and organisations whose Services and services we consume and share

• We will deal with them in an honest and open manner, based on sound business principals.
• We will seek long lasting partnerships and alliances that will be to our mutual benefit.
• We will treasure the friendship of our partners, value their trust and guidance and endeavour to contribute towards a common value system and team spirit, without seeking our own interests.

Our fourth commitment is to advance a better life to all in the community in which we live

• We will endeavour to improve and promote higher standards in the fields and disciplines related to our activities.
• We will endeavour to develop and advance people through training and education.
• We will endeavour to contribute to and support good works.
• We will endeavour to promote an orderly and just society.
We believe that sound profits and growth, together with fair returns to shareholders, are necessary to make all other values and commitments possible. We are determined, through the Grace of God, to fulfil these obligations to the best of our ability.

Staff Compliment

Atlas Staff

Atlas Fire Security has more than 60 permanently employed personnel.
The majority of the personnel are skilled, trained and SAQCC registered as competent persons with more than 40 registrations in the different categories. Atlas Fire Security also utilise the services of specialist sub-contractors on a continued basis.

Personnel Accreditations

Personnel responsible for the maintenance and reconditioning of portable fire fighting equipment, hose reels and hydrants are registered and authorised by SAQCC Fire - 1475.
Atlas Staff Personnel responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection systems are registered and authorised by SAQCC Fire Detection as Cablers, Installers, Commissioners, Servicemen or Designers.
Atlas Staff Personnel responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire suppression systems are registered and authorised by SAQCC Fire Gas Suppression as Pipe Fitters, Installers, Servicemen/Commissioners, or Designers.

Industry Involvement

The directors ensure that the company is at the forefront of the industry by serving on the following industry bodies: • Vice Chairperson and Director of SAQCC Fire
• Past Chairperson of the Fire Fighting Equipment Traders Association (FFETA) – still on committee,
• Past Chairperson of the SAQCC Fire 1475 – still on committee,
• Past vice-chairperson of the SAQCC Fire D&GS Committee and past chairperson of the SAQCC Fire D&GS Technical Committee,
• SABS Technical Committees for fire detection and gaseous fire suppression systems,
• SANAS STC committee
• CENTA Group Board of directors.